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About Us

Based in Bangkok, Criterion Asia specializes in recruitment and executive search services. We operate in Thailand and its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Criterion was founded in 2013 and is rapidly growing to become one of Thailand’s leading human resource services firms.

Once a long and difficult process, fitting the right candidate with the right employer is now easier and more convenient than ever. Criterion Asia’s innovative system takes full advantage of modern technology, offering a platform for both job seekers and employers to find what they are looking for. Tailored to the needs of both parties, our platform is Southeast Asia’s best for matching personal skills with industry needs. Candidates can use our job board to view a listing of current vacancies in the specific industry which interests them. With a simple interface and powerful search engine, Criterion’s system is designed to help users search for the job that is the right fit for them, given their professional background and expertise. Our job board is regularly updated with the latest available jobs. Our services are also geared towards employers, whose ability to list and advertise their current vacancies can put them in touch with ideal candidates for each position. Employers can post each relevant job description, including contract type, required qualifications, and other details – using our system to identify the most promising prospects for their teams.

Criterion’s recruitment activities focus on six functional verticals and one industry:

1) IT & Digital: Innovations in this industry are constantly in flux, and companies need to hire skilled
employees to help them adapt and thrive in new environments. Regardless of the type of
position available, our team has the technical know-how as well as the industry connections to
recruit the right IT person for the job.

2) Finance & Accounting: Our consultants have considerable breadth and depth of knowledge at all
levels and sectors within the world of finance. We provide access to the best candidates and
employers in the market.

3) Sales & Marketing: Even the best products need to be marketed the right way. No matter how
good a product or service might be, the business will need a strong marketing team in order to
maximize its profits. Our consultants specialize in building these teams.

4) Human Resources: We have experience dealing with the needs of many different-sized
companies, and our networking capabilities can help you keep up with the latest HR trends.

5) Industrial & Engineering: Experts at optimizing processes, candidates in these fields can find
ways to improve efficiency and lower costs – key factors in the success of any organization.

6) Supply Chain & Logistics: Supply chain and logistics managers are crucial to the efficient flow of
goods along the supply chain. Our consultants have the connections and knowledge needed to
match the right people in these fields to the right companies.

7) Agriculture/Animal Health/Animal Feed: We are the leader in this niche industry thanks to more than 10 years of experience searching for leaders in the industry globally and in Southeast Asia

Our over-arching objective is to establish and maintain long-lasting, results-driven partnerships with our clients. We build a foundation of trust and professionalism in order to provide our clients with a variety of creative and flexible recruitment solutions.

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