Thailand talent markets: the reality of recruiting IT professionals

19 Mar 10:00 by Yves Gaboriault


Talent pools vary in cities around the globe. Some cities have a surplus of sales experts, while others attract top finance professionals. When it comes to Thailand, clients often ask us about the talent pools here. What industries have a surplus of candidates, and which are lacking? What challenges do hiring managers face?

As a recruitment firm, we have a deep knowledge about Thailand’s talent pools. In this six part series, we’ll share with you industry insights about the fields we most commonly recruit for, starting with one of the most popular in the world: information technology, more commonly known as IT.

What you need to know about Thailand’s IT talent market

There’s no questions, technology is changing the world. Digital tools like email and social media have revolutionized the way people communicate, and the internet has opened people up to a world of information, advice and opportunities never before seen. IT professionals are the driving force behind these monumental changes, which has led to an incredible demand for their services.

In Thailand, like in many countries, the amount of highly skilled IT candidates available cannot satisfy the demand. There is a shortage of talent, which has led to several challenges hiring managers must grapple with. The first of which is wages.

Thailand’s shortage of IT candidates, combined with the demand for their services has led to inflated wages. This makes it difficult for hiring managers to stay within budget when attempting to fill these positions. What’s more, IT professionals are aware of their value and leverage the shortage to their advantage. Consequently, they’ve become more selective of the jobs they choose. Instead of accepting a fulltime position at a company, many of them prefer to freelance on a project basis, selecting only the projects they enjoy. Undoubtedly, this has created headaches for managers who want to hire permanent employees.

The future of Thailand’s IT industry

While the above description of Thailand’s IT landscape may sound glum, there is hope. As time passes, more and more IT candidates will enter the market and be searching for permanent roles at companies. Since Criterion opened its doors in 2013, we’ve seen this phenomenon first hand.

For example, 3 years ago there were very few SAP candidates. Today that’s completely changed, and now there is plenty of SAP talent to go around. We expect to see this same pattern occur with Thailand’s current shortages of Data Scientists and Big Data Analyzers. Just like the SAP candidate example, it’s only a matter of time before these skill sets becomes more available.

While the current IT talent pool is thin, Criterion can help you fill a permanent opening. Our recruiters are well connected and have a deep knowledge of the industry. We encourage you to tap our resources and find the candidate you need to grow your organization. Get in touch today to learn more.