Finance & Accounting Jobs in Thailand

As a Bangkok based recruiter, Criterion specializes in finding the best candidates for our clients throughout the job market. Our net is cast very wide, as we also cover recruitment in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. We are able to provide the most suitable candidates because our
Finance and Accounting consultants are highly experienced in dealing with major companies all across the industry.

Our consultants can help organizations satisfy their needs for finance jobs in Bangkok, at all levels within the business. Qualified candidates cover the full range of positions, from CFO, FEMA, FMAM, and FC level to accountants, depending on need. With our experience in finding quality accounting jobs in Bangkok, as well as our connections with influential businesses in the region, Criterion candidates will find themselves in an excellent position to get the best job which matches with their expertise and experience. At the same time, businesses will also get the best employees to fill in their vacant positions.

What are the Responsibilities of Finance and Accounting Professionals?

Jobs in these fields involve assembling, analyzing and making reports for monetary data on a monthly basis. This financial data also forms the basis for quarterly and annual reports, which also need to be compiled. Finance and accounting professionals manage everything related to tax preparation, general financial reports for the organization, as well as some other special statements.

Candidates need to be skilled at budget management and accounting, while demonstrating punctuality and diligence. They must be able to properly analyze data, sorting through internal information as well as general research for the improvement of the organization.

Professionals in these fields must furthermore investigate and analyze cases to develop advanced recommendations for organizational adjustments. The right candidates should be open to absorbing new knowledge at all times, as they keep themselves up to date with financial information and opportunities.

Latest Finance & Accounting jobs

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