Industrial & Engineering Jobs in Thailand

Industrial engineers are among the most sought out professionals in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is one of the world’s busiest metropolises, with dozens of shopping malls, entertainment districts, stadiums, hospitals, airports, theme parks, and a thriving manufacturing and warehousing sector. The processes that govern any of these areas can always be made more efficient with practical solutions provided by industrial engineers.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with optimizing processes to increase efficiency and profit in a given industry. Traditionally, industrial engineers focused mostly on manufacturing. They would analyze every step of a process, such as the assembly line
in a factory, figuring out how to reduce costs and increase the overall productivity of the workers.

Industrial engineers can and still do work in this field, but their skills are highly valued in other sectors as well. Today’s industrial engineers are highly versatile, and they can belong to almost any field. They streamline the receiving and shipping processes in warehouses. They find ways
to make theme park lines move faster. They optimize the triage process to treat patients more quickly in hospitals. They change the layouts of airports to improve the flow of travelers. The skills of an industrial engineer are highly valuable in almost any industry – from raw material
extraction to entertainment.

The critical thinking and problem-solving skills of industrial engineers also make them ideal candidates for upper management positions. They may spend the earlier parts of their careers managing systems, but they often finish their careers managing people.

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