IT & Digital Jobs in Thailand

Founded in 2013, Criterion has quickly risen to become one of the leading human resources services firms in the country. We are experts in recruitment for diverse jobs, with our main activities focused on six key areas. Among these is our comprehensive listing of IT Jobs in Thailand.

Each job listing in IT and Data has dedicated consultants who are experts in the field, overlooking every aspect of the recruitment process. Matthew E. Zavadil is our IT and Data partner based in Bangkok, bringing 25 years of experience in the IT consulting industry.

Given the impressive speed of digital transformation around the business world, recruiting in IT and Data remains one of the key challenges for organizations today. We maintain strong relationships with experienced professionals and organizations in the evermore digitalized business landscape, helping companies satisfy their hiring needs.

Criterion is dedicated to pairing the right experts with the right companies, filling IT jobs that Bangkok businesses need filled.

As the IT industry continues to shape and transform the cutting edge of the world economy, this field offers some of the most promising jobs for 2019 and beyond. Most industrialized countries around the world – including Thailand – are now investing in newer technologies to cope with much-needed upgrades in the business sector.

Those skilled in IT and Data are therefore some of the most sought-after professionals in Thailand. Furthermore, many organizations are  beginning to feel a sense of urgency as they seek skilled IT and Data experts to augment their teams, as demand is currently on pace to outstrip supply.

Qualified professionals in these fields will play an important role in helping their employers adapt to the new sets of changes that are sweeping across various industries. Our aim is to help Thai companies and their future employees continue to successfully adapt to and embrace the digital revolution.

Latest IT & Digital jobs

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