Sales & Marketing Jobs in Thailand

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Sales and Marketing Tasks for Leading Businesses

This department is tasked with creating and developing plans as well as guidance for marketing efforts, based on research and sales data related to products and services. The focus of the work here is to raise sales to meet the company’s expectations. A supplementary task is to collect the relevant marketing and sales data, analyze it for any problems or outstanding issues, and implement solutions for further

Additionally, work schedules need to be created for each marketing plan, so as to allow for collaboration between clients as well as colleagues, and to generate the most professional strategies in every situation. Marketing and sales staff members need to answer questions from customers and clients, about everything related to the business’s products and services, in order to maintain a good
relationship between both sides.

Sales and marketing staff need to be open-minded and be ready to learn new things at all times, to keep up with trends, new information, or key statistics. Adapting these into ideas, and then presenting refined strategies to managers or executives, can open the door to further projects and development.

Required Skills for Sales and Marketing

- Required Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management or Marketing, or a related field.
- Understand marketing strategies, analytics, and how to develop a project as a team.
- Have good skills in verbal and written communication, and be ready to provide any customer
service-related information when needed.
- The creativity and readiness needed to learn new things at all times.
- The ability to work as part of a team.

Latest Sales & Marketing jobs

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