Supply Chain & Logistics Jobs in Thailand

With the Thai economy becoming increasingly industrialized, and exports accounting for over two-thirds of the nation’s gross domestic product, there are many new and exciting supply chain and logistics jobs in Thailand.

Supply chain and logistics

The supply chain encompasses the entire process of making a product and getting it to the customer. Raw material extraction, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, wholesaling, and retailing are all steps in the supply chain. Logistics, on the hand, is what happens between the
steps of the supply chain. The transport of raw materials to the manufacturer, for example, falls under logistics. The supply chain as a whole – as well as the logistical concerns between the nodes of the supply chain – requires effective management.

Why supply chain and logistics managers are important

Supply chain and logistics managers are crucial to the efficient flow of goods as they move along the supply chain, eliminating redundancies and increasing and profits along the way. But the supply chain managers of today also need to be attuned to customers’ requests and desires, so that they can run these ideas back up the supply chain to inject added value at every step. In order to do this, they must furthermore be adept at creating partnerships throughout the supply chain.

Thanks to their expert knowledge of how to increase efficiency and foster effective partnerships, supply chain and logistics managers are also being considered increasingly often for upper management positions.

Finding the right supply chain and logistics jobs in Thailand

Criterion has a relationship with numerous important professionals and executives within the supply chain and logistics areas of their respective companies in Thailand. Our team is dedicated to finding effective supply chain and logistics managers to partner with the right
companies, continuing the remarkable growth of Thailand’s industrial sector.

Latest Supply Chain & Logistics jobs

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